Sunday, November 2, 2008


For the last month Brett (with a little help from me and his dad) has been working on a project...a Go Kart. He painted it white and then he spray painted metallic blue flames on the hood.

His whole plan was to get it ready in time for Halloween, so that we could drive it around and pass out candy to the kids. We also thought that it'd be fun to dress up as dead Danny and Sandy from Grease. So here are a few pictures from Halloween night!

Brett wanted me to post the cupcakes that I made for our ward Halloween party...they were Frankensteins if you can't tell. :)

We also carved pumpkins for family home evening. We both decided to freehand the faces for our pumpkins. Brett decided to do the Grim Reeper and I decided to do a Witch. They turned out pretty good, especially Bretts!

We hope ya'll had a fun Halloween!!


The Borlands said...

That is the coolest thing ever!!! We miss you guys!

Lori Collett said...

Lynette, you pulled off your costume quite well, but Brett... you looked pretty scary! I hope the kids didn't have nightmares! :)
Amazing pumpkins!!

Reese & Lacey said...

Those are some good looking cupcakes! It looks as though you have sweet pumpkin carving skills as well!

Tia J said...

We needed you guys with us to carve pumpkins since Matt and I don't care to but Trae likes it. Hope you guys are doing good. You should come visit us sometime!

The Lovell's said...

That is a really cool idea for costumes. It looks like you guys are doing great.