Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Calf Creek

Over Memorial weekend me and Brett, and a bunch of friends went down to Escalante Utah, and camped at Calf Creek. We had a great time despite the rain that constantly fell from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. We did manage to have some sunshine throughout Sunday morning and afternoon.
We hiked lower falls on Saturday, which was really neat. Along the trail there were many things to look at including thousand year old pictographs. When we finally made it to the base of the waterfall, it was at least 10 degrees cooler because of the mist coming off the falls. Brett ran and jumped in, but it was way to cold for me!

On Sunday morning we got up early, ate breakfast, then headed out to hike upper falls. I liked this hike the best. It was shorter, but more intense because of the steep sandstone terrain. When we got to the upper part of the falls, there was a place where we could cliff jump. This was so fun even though the icy water literally took your breath away. We jumped a couple times and then started to hike back because of monstrous rain clouds heading our way.

We originally were going to stay Sunday night, but no one wanted to spend another night in the rain. We were lucky because we were able to pack up camp and get on the road right before the major down pouring began.

Overall, it was a great weekend spent with awesome company, doing fun activities. What a great way to kick off summer 2k9!


The Lovell's said...

You know I have lived in Utah my entire life and have never been to calf creek. It looks like a cool place. Some day.

Kemp and Whitney said...

That waterfall is amazing!