Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's About Time

Well it has almost been 3 months now since Brett and I purchased our first home. I failed to mention it earlier because I wanted to put before and after pictures up with this post, but I've realized that it's going to take longer than I thought to do that. But I promise that I will post some eventually.

We have been very busy with updating our home, and have had a lot of help from our families, THANK YOU!!! We have pretty much finished remodeling the upstairs, and soon will start on the basement. I must say, it has all come along very nicely.

It is definitely nice to have our own place to call home. We bought our house in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and just love the area. Most of our neighbors are all elderly, but they are the sweetest people. We always enjoy visiting with them, and all the cakes, breads, and cookies they bring us are a bonus!
Otis loves having a dog park right across the street to play at. We usually take him there everyday, and sometimes he takes himself there too...(the yard is our next project, including the hole under the fence :p )

Here is a snowy view in March from our front door


Hulberts said...

Can't wait to see the updates. I bet pictures won't even do it justice on how nice it looks.

Riley and Anona Adams said...

I wanna see pictures!!!!!!!!! ahhaha if we had a dog park across the street I would be tempted just to bring Diesel over, leave him there while I go home for a few hours, and then go and pick him up! lol