Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Addition

We did it again....we got another PUPPY!!!

Millie is such a feisty lil' pup! She will not let Otis push her around. Any toy that Otis has, Millie will try and rip it right out of his mouth. It is so funny!

Otis and Millie chewing on raw hides.

We love the German shepherd/black lab mix.

Otis has been so good to Millie. She already has him whipped:)

They are so cute together. Millie is Otis' little shadow, she follows him everywhere.

Otis is so kind to share his bed with her, even though her bed is right beside his.

We love our pups (yes Otis is still a pup at 14mths, even if he doesn't look it) soooo much! Millie is about 11 weeks old and is just a bit smaller than Otis was at that age. We are still working on potty training, but it's coming along pretty well. She is definitely more stubborn and aggressive than Otis ever was or is. They should balance each other out just fine. They get along great, however, Otis was kind of jealous at first. But now he just sees Millie as someone to tease and play with. They are best buds!


Hulberts said...

She's really cute! Can't wait to meet her. I love how they are best buds already.

Kemp and Whitney said...

they are soo cute! I love the pics of them sleepying and cuddling together.