Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas Brett and I were lucky enough to have the best of both worlds. My family came down to Utah, so we were able to enjoy the holidays with both families. My family stayed with Brett and I, so we had a full house, which was so much fun!

Looks like Santa stopped at our place

Dad and Makena eating breakfast before we open the gifts

Brett showing me some love in the form of a choke hold

Me really excited about the new book Beau gave me

Makena and me with her new horse

Mom and Dad

On New Years Eve day the whole family decided to go sledding at the hill across from our house. It was cold, but we had a blast!

On the sledding hill

The gang that went sledding

We didn't have enough sleds so we brought the dogs' pool, it worked pretty well.

Brett decided to take Millie for a ride, she wasn't too excited about it.

Makena, Breeze, and me on New Years Eve

Our crazy fun family!

Prior to this picture we were all gettin' down with the Dance Kinect for XBOX...priceless!

Brett and I were so spoiled this Christmas! We enjoyed every bit of it, and will have great memories to last us forever. I loved having my family around!

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