Sunday, March 20, 2011


This year we celebrated my 25th birthday "Aloha" style! It was sooo fun! Brett and my family got all these Luau decorations and decorated the house. We had a cutout photo opt, a tiki bar, the limbo, a pineapple pinata, and lots of great company and food.

Apparently Brett is way more creative and sentimental then I give him credit for. He planned this Luau party as a theme for my birthday gift...that's right, we're going to HAWAII!! I am soo excited and cannot wait until the end of April.

Brett wrapped up a pineapple, and taped on the side of it was a note that said " Come pick a fresh one with me!" It was very sweet!

I had a wonderful time and appreciate all the hard work that went into making this birthday special and memorable!

The Sisters

Just chillin'

Dad and Brett getting ready to eat

Steve and Janice surfing the waves
Get it Brett

I am the least flexible person ever

Tiki Bar

Looking good Brett

Birthday gifts


The Dahlins said...

Happy Birthday to you too! You are so old now! Just teasing, I know how it feels to turn 25. It looks like you had fun! Congratulations!

The Lovells said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like a blast! That's so exciting you guys get to go to Hawaii!!! Way to go Brett! I can't think of a better B-Day present.

Paul & Amanda said...

Brett did such a good job! Looks like it was lost of fun. Happy birthday and have fun in Hawaii!!!