Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We took a trip up to Calgary again this summer and had a blast as usual. Sadly we missed the Canada Day celebrations in Raymond, but fortunately were still able to see family. We participated in a lot of activities that were tons of fun. We went golfing in Raymond and Cochrane, we took in the sites of downtown Calgary, I played in a basketball tourney with my old high school teammates and we WON, we rode the Rhino, hit up the Calgary Stampede including the rodeo and the grandstand show, and ate way too much yummy food! Here is our adventure in pictures:

At the Stampede (No Brett has not started smoking, he is chewing on a straw)

Cutest cowgirl I've ever seen

Stampede Grounds

View of downtown Calgary and the Stampede

This boy was so cute herding the ponies with his miniature horse

Chuckwagon Races

Dad, Mom, and Makena at the Rodeo

Grandstand Show

Fireworks after the Grandstand Show

The Adams Family

Grandpa Adams' grave

Driving around Cochrane in the Rhino

Our Stampede Shoot Out Championship Trophy

LtoR Nadine, Lynette, Marin, Ashley, Justine & Elyse

We played against current collegiate teams/players and we took it all! We've still got it ladies!

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Hulberts said...

Glad you guys had fun. And of course Brett is chewing on a straw.

Congrats on the tournament too!