Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 Months

On January 15th the boys turned 5 months (yeah I'm a little behind on my blogging)! They are such happy boys. They have started eating some solids, peaches are their favorite. They can roll over and are starting to army crawl. Easton is very observant and can be serious, while Wesley is just happy-go-lucky and very vocal. I love Wesleys bright blue eyes and Eastons deep brown eyes. They are starting to interact with one another more and more and it melts my heart. I love hearing them laugh, especially when its at each other. #lovemyboys4ever

 Easy E
Wild Wes

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CASSIE said...


And I love their names... Almost like a compass-- they are the opposite in their own 'way'...(East & West) But both are forever connected to one another as twins in their life's 'course of direction'.

Beautiful boys!! You're so blessed.