Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last night Brett and I, Lacey and Reese, and Sara and Steve all went to the Jazz vs Suns game, thanks to Steve. We had a BLAST! As you know, Brett and I love basketball, and it just so happened to be my favorite team (suns) vs Brett's favorite team (jazz). It was a close game up until the last 5 mins of the 4th quarter, then the jazz took the lead and never looked back...sadly:(
But overall, we all had a great time and awesome seats! Thanks Steve and Happy Birthday!

My boy Nash warmin' up

Shaq is HUGE!

We're lovin' the game!

Suns D'n it up

Diaw settin' a screen for Nash (my fellow Canadian)

We had so much fun!

Yes I know that the pictures depict the Suns in action...I'm a little biased towards them. However, I'm sure if Brett were posting about this game, then the pictures would favor the Jazz. But he is not and I am so...


Lori Collett said...

Nate is so jealous! It has been hard for him in Iowa to not be able to watch the Jazz games!! Looks like fun!

Danny said...

The Suns???? Oh, Lynette you are a Utahn now. That means its all about the Jazz

The Lovell's said...

Go Jazz Go! Its a good thing I am leaving the comment or Celeste would be with you about cheering on the Suns. Go figure.

The Lovell's said...

It looks like you guys had great seats. Joe said you asked on facebook to get into our blog...if you'll email me your email address I'll send you an invite. My email is lovell_celeste@yahoo.com.