Friday, November 28, 2008

TuRkEy BoWl

On the morning of Thanksgiving, Brett and a bunch of his friends got together to play some Turkey Bowl. The guys were all excited and the weather was not too cold. Brett's team won, he caught the winning touchdown! It was fun to watch these "old" men relive their glory days of high school football. :) However, come this morning reality hit Brett (and I'm sure some of the other guys), as he tried to get out of bed and couldn't move his sore body!

Later that afternoon, we were able to get together with Brett's family and my brother and sister, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. It was so yummy!
Brett and I are so thankful for the people in our lives and the blessing that we have recieved time and time again.


Reese & Lacey said...

Reese played in a Turkey bowl too and yes, he was also very sore the next morning.

Shalece Hibbert said...

Ha my family did the same thing and the boys were dying the next day. Tell brett that he's getting to be an old fart :). I miss you guys like crazy, I might be down there soon, I'll call you if I do. :)