Monday, December 8, 2008

Twin Falls Idaho

On Saturday Brett, BreeAnn, and I went to Twin Falls for the day to watch Nadine play basketball. It was a beautiful day and the drive wasn't too long. We had never been to Twin Falls before, so we were excited to see the Snake River and the new Temple. It was also nice to visit with Nadine and Makena, (even if it wasn't for long), since we wont be seeing them at Christmas. But anyways it was a fun day!

Brett and Milo

Me and BreeAnn

The Snake River

Makena sitting on Uncle Brett's shoulders

Having fun with Uncle Brett

Makena loves her Aunt Nette

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The Lovell's said...

Did you guys go to Shoshone Falls? That is the best part of the snake river in Twin Falls. Its too bad we still didn't live there or we could of seen you guys.