Sunday, February 15, 2009

xoxo Love Day! xoxo

Well our Valentines day was great! Brett had to work in the morning, but when he did get home in the afternoon he brought me a 'Lucky Bamboo' plant. I had told him earlier in the week, while we were grocery shopping, that I would rather have a neat looking bamboo plant than flowers. He was listening because that is what I got and I was really happy.

Then later that evening we went out to dinner at Tsunami. It's a really great Japanese-inspired sushi restaurant! We filled up on Don Juan, T.N.T., and Philly sushi rolls, with some pot stickers on the side....mmmm yummy!

We then headed back home for chocolate fondue and to watch the NBA dunk competition. :) We dipped strawberries, apples, bananas, and pretzels. It was so delicious!!

Oh and just a little side note that Brett and I now laugh at:

On Feb.12th Brett wanted me to come with him to pick out my V-day present. I like surprises so I was kind of bummed that he wasn't picking it out for me, but I decided to go anyways. It was later in the evening when we drove to this strip mall and the only store that I could consider Brett getting me something from was Big 5 Sporting Goods. So me, in a really excited voice said "Babe are you getting me Rollerblades?! Sweet, I can't wait! I really wanted new Rollerblades! Thanks love!" Then I look at Brett and see his awkward expression and realize that I am not getting Rollerblades, and that we are pulling up to Jared's Galleria. You think that I would be more excited for Jared's than Big 5, but no, I was a little sad that I wasn't getting Rollerblades, and Brett was a little sad that I was more excited over Rollerblades than diamonds. But Brett really wanted to be romantic and get me diamond earrings, so I couldn't help but love his sweet idea. Brett is such a sweetheart and he can't help but want the best for me, and me for him. I am so grateful to him and how hard he works for our little family. I love him so much! Thanks for making Love Day so special! Love you babe!!


Lori Collett said...

I love that story about the rollerblades! At least he can now randomly surprise you with Rollerblades, because he knows how badly you want them! Sounds like you guys had a great Valentine's Day!

Danny said...

Just get the girl some rollerblades. Then we can play roller-basketball

Hulberts said...

Your birthday is just around the corner Nette!

Larsen Family Updates said...

ok the rollerblades story TOTALLY made me laugh. I can so see you doing that! haha. That's so nice of Brett though! Way to go Brett. We need to get together soon, basketball ends tonight and I will have alot more free time! Snowboarding? :)

Thayne & MaryAnne Garner said...

Oh what a fun V-day. We love sushi!! How are you guys doing?