Saturday, November 7, 2009

SVU Homecoming

Almost a month ago, Brett and I went back to the Beev for homecoming. Some of our really good friends that we graduated with live too far to see often, so we all planned to go back SVU this year. It was a lot of fun to visit with old friends and to see the place we called home for 4 years. Brett and his friends played in an Alumni Golf Tournament and they won. We both played in our Alumni Basketball games, it made me realize how much I miss my girls.

The campus had changed a lot. The church building that had just began groundbreaking the last month we lived there is now up and running, they built a new football field, they turned the pool into a cafe, and the new dorms are now finished.

Some of the best years of our lives so far have been at SVU. That is where we met, where we got to play the sport that we love while getting an education, it is where we've met some of our best friends, and where we've made memories to last a life time. We definitely miss being back there, but we are happy to have opened a new chapter in our lives.

Brett, Tanner, Dallas, and Dave receiving their trophy for winning the Alumni Golf Tourney

The new SVU football field
Like always, I brought my camera and took zero pictures. These were courtesy of Anna, thanks girl!

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