Monday, June 21, 2010

Lake Powell

Brett and I, Lacey, Reese, and their 2 kids, and my in-laws all headed down to Lake Powell for the weekend. It was soooo wonderful! The weather was excellent, 95 degrees everyday, and the water was just right. We drove there Wednesday night, spent 3 days on the week, and left for home on Sunday. We had tons of fun playing in the water, going for boat rides, riding the sea-doos, and eating lots. I can't wait to go back in August!
On the way to Rainbow Bridge (camera died right when we got there:( )
Brett getting ready to build a sand castle

Mason holding up the flag

Jaylee playing in the sand

Brett and I playing horse shoes

The in-laws with the in-law being silly

Hold on!

Oh captain my captain

I'm surprised Reese and Lacey stayed on with all the room I was taking up...ha ha ha

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Hulberts said...

No kidding! How did we stay on?!? How are the elbows and knees treating you?