Sunday, October 3, 2010


I was at the store a couple of weeks ago and I saw a really cute Halloween Advent calender that I wanted to purchase. The price was outrageous and since I'm sort of a "do it yourself" kinda girl, that's what I did. I had most of the materials on hand, I just had to go out and get some Halloween cut outs. I thought this calender would be really fun, especially for my 2yr old niece, Makena, who has been living with us.
It was really fun to make the calender, and to come up with an activity to do everyday leading up to Halloween.
Makena is totally sold on the idea of the Advent calender and gets so excited about the activity of the day. I'm pretty impressed with it myself, even though it took longer to do than I thought it would. Maybe I'll be up for it again come Christmas?


Lisa said...

Such a cute idea!! I wish I could tackle more at home projects but I'm just not crafty enough! Haha

Marns said...

Wow thats awesome Lynette! I am also not very crafty but who knows maybe I will be eventually. :)

Cichy's said...

Very cute and very crafty! I wish I was crafty! Good job Lynette!

Hulberts said...

Cute! What type of activities do have planned?