Friday, October 21, 2011

The Dirty Dash

Last month I actually paid to play in the who does that?! Well let me just tell you that it was soooo worth it! Some friends and I signed up to run The Dirty Dash 10k in Solider Hallow, UT. It is an event that you can do on your own, or enter as a team like we did. There are different obstacles that you encounter along the way. For instance mud pits, mud walls, mud tunnels, 1/2 mile of muddy water up to your waist, mud hills, rope ladders, and the famous giant slip and slide. We had mud EVERYWHERE by the time we crossed the finish line.
If anyone is interested in participating in The Dirty Dash next year click on it. They go to different states like Utah, Idaho, and Washington to name a few. I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of your interest in running (cuz you could walk the whole thing if you'd like :)). It is just so much fun! But be warned, your clothes and shoes will never be the same (we donated our shoes afterwards), so wear something you don't care about.

Me, Carlie, Jodi, & Diesel

Our team name was Fast, Easy, Cheap. It was based off a t-shirt that Carlie and Jodi got from the SVU bookstore one year when they were promoting their text book sales. Pretty funny if you ask me. :)

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