Wednesday, November 2, 2011


One of the 3 golf courses we were able to play while we were there

Get it Brett!

At a corn maze in AZ

We called him 'Otis the Goat'

L to R: Millie, Brett, Blue (our nephew), Lynette, & Otis

This was a fun one in the field behind our house.

I love fall colors, so beautiful!

Taken just a few minutes from our home.

Halloween 2011

Brett: Ringmaster Lynette: Tiger

Makena: Witch

AZ: We took a weekend trip to AZ the end of October to visit Brett's grandparents. Brett's parents and siblings went down there too, and we had a great time. We golfed, had a family dinner with Brett's cousins, aunts and uncles that live in Phoenix, went to a Pumpkin Farm with a corn maze, a petting zoo, and random activities, and just relaxed in the 85 degree weather. We also got to stop in and see our friends Danny and Cassie Hansen who just moved to AZ for Danny's Podiatry School. We had fun hanging out and eating delicious homemade chocolate rolo cookies, and getting a personal tour of the Midwestern Campus.

Our trip was short but enjoyable for the most part...the last night in AZ I got sick, and the plane ride back to UT Brett got sick. It was either the 24hr flu or food poisoning. But we are both feeling fine now.

It was nice for Brett and myself to be able to visit with G&G Matthews. Brett hadn't seen them since our wedding, so it was a much needed visit (I'll post the pics of Brett with them when I get the pics from my mother-in-law) .

FALL: I realized that the only "good" pics Brett and I had together were either form our engagements or our wedding day...4 years ago. I thought it would be nice to get some updated photos for memories and also for home decor (which I suck at by the way). Anyways, I asked Sara and Josh (Brett's sis and husband) if they could take some pics of us and they willing obliged. It was fun and we are really happy with how they turned out. Thanks Sara and Josh!

HALLOWEEN: We came up with our costumes in about 10mins with stuff around the house and from our Halloween box. We handed out candy to our few trick or treaters, then got dress up for the Bulton's Annual Halloween Party. It was a fun night!


CASSIE said...

You're such a gorgeous girl!!!
Personally- I think you have enough style and class in your fashion, that you don't even need to worry about decorating your house!

I adore labs. So your family pictures makes me go all *Awwwe* :)

Super cute costumes for a last minute put-together by the way!

All in all, it sounds like you had a blast visiting family; and enjoyed lots of fall festivities.

Glad to see you posting again.

The Crolleys said...

The pictures of you and Brett turned out great! The spots you chose are gorgeous!