Thursday, June 7, 2012

Christmas Miracle

So it's been along time coming, but Brett and I are finally going to be PARENTS!! That's right, we're expecting!

We had been trying for 3 years with no such luck. It was an emotional roller coaster for the both of us throughout those years, especially this last year. We had decided last fall that if we weren't expecting by this new year that I would continue my education and get my Masters Degree. Well October rolled around and no baby, November came and went and still no baby. By now we were used to the building excitement of anticipating 2 blue lines, and of the depressing failure that accompanied a negative HPT. So when it was time to check one last time on Christmas morning I didn't let myself get my hopes up. I had a restless sleep all night and finally let myself get out of bed and take a test at around 6am. Imagine my surprise when 2 lines appeared! I was shocked! I wanted to run and jump on our bed and scream to Brett "WAKE UP!" However I managed to contain myself, and hid the HPT and slipped back into bed. I couldn't fall asleep. My mind kept racing about everything and anything to do with pregnancy. When it was finally time to wake up and start the Christmas festivities I was sooo tired. But I managed to get through the morning without giving anything away...not even to Brett! I even found time to sneak away and put the HPT in a little box and wrap it up. When Brett and I were getting ready to head to his parents house to do some more celebrating, I acted like I had just remembered a gift that I had forgotten to give him. Once in our room, I handed him the gift. He had no clue, even though I thought the rectangle box would give it away. When he finally opened it all he said was "are you serious?" No Brett, I had another prego women pee on a stick and thought I'd bring it home for you....jk love you babe. Anyways, we hugged and kissed and laughed and cried. It was so wonderful. I tear up just thinking about it. Needless to say, we both had been waiting for this day for a long time and it was finally here. We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift!

The beginning of January was when we first went to the doctor. That is also when we first found out that we were having TWINS!!! We were ecstatic! I've always wanted twins, so it was great news. Brett was just as excited as me to find out. We had an ultrasound and got to see the little peas and hear their little heart beats already at 6 weeks. I then went and got another ultrasound at 8 weeks and I couldn't believe how much they had grown.

8 Weeks

We decided to wait until I was 14 weeks before we told anyone. Our parents were so excited to find out we were expecting, and it was priceless to see their faces when we told them it was twins. Brett's dads first words to us were "are you serious?" ha ha like father like son! These kiddos are already so spoiled from their grandparents.

Fast forward almost 15 weeks and here we are today. I am almost 29 weeks and counting down the days! My OBGYN expects me to deliver around week 36, so I'm on the homestretch. Babies are doing great and are very active. If I could see my insides they would be black and blue!

 BABY A (27wks)

BABY B (27wks)

26wks Prego

We are so blessed and appreciate all the fasting and prayers on our behalf. Oh and by the way, we are not finding out the genders!


Cichy's said...

So happy for you Lynette!!! Wow, how exciting to find out Christmas morning! I'm sure it has been an emotional roller coaster the past few years, so great that you get to be blessed to have 2 babies! And I love that you aren't finding out, so much more exciting! Congrats to you and your hubby!!! Can't wait to hear what you have!

Lynn said...

Oh what a beautiful miracle!!! I bet Cassie can totally relate to this post...because I am totally relating to how your mom must of felt when you told her.

Fantastic! There just are no words for the emotions are there.

Congratulations to all of you and your families. How sweet the joy is.

P.S. You look amazing. So healthy and vibrant. And of course, glowing. ; )

CASSIE said...

Oh my gooness!!!! I am openly weeping for you!!! I am SO EXCITED for you and Brett!! :D That is such amazing news!!! I couldn't be more happy for you guys... You totally deserve your own miracle!! And a double one at that!! Seriously, what a beautiful surprise at Christmas. You look fabulous. Truly. A natural mother ;) I'm keeping you in my prayers for a successful and safe delivery. Be sure to post more updates as soon as you can. My guess is that it is either TWO boys or ONE of each ;D

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness! I had no idea! I got cold chills reading your blog! How wonderful! TWINS! that is amazing! I can't wait to hear/see more about it all! Good luck-


The Crolleys said...

That is so exciting! After all that hard work at getting pregnant, it paid off because now you'll be getting TWO! I'm really happy for you guys. I saw a picture on FB of you and thought you looked prego, but didn't want to ask just in case you weren't :) I'm glad to hear you are. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I can't wait to find out if they're boys, girls, or one of each!

The Lovells said...

Wow! Congrats that is awesome. We are so excited for you.

R&A said...

Lynette!!! You look fabulous first off! I am so excited for you. As I was reading your story I felt your pain..... every month your hopes go up to fall again but finally, it's like you can't even believe it till the baby (babies in your case) are in your arms!!! I've been thinking a lot about you lately so it's nice to hear how things have been going!! Hope your feeling great!