Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Only A Matter Of Time

Well I am officially on bed rest....BOO!!! I can't handle laying around all day when there is so much I still need to get done. I was hoping to get through this month since my girls have a tournament this weekend, but no such luck. I took them down to a tournament in St.George last week and I think that is what did me in. I was pretty much on my feet all week, but my team had a good time and that makes me happy.

I saw my OBGYN today and she was worried that my cervix was already dilated at 31 weeks. She gave me a shot of steroids to help the babies lungs develop. I have to go back tomorrow to get a second steroid shot and an indepth ultrasound. I also am getting the Fetal Fibronectin Test tomorrow, which tests if the fFN protein is present, I pray its not. If fFN is present then that means my body is getting ready to deliever the babies and I could have them any day. I need these babies to stay in me at least another 4 weeks!

Although bed rest is so inconvenient, I know its whats needed for me to deliever healthy and strong babies. It also helps that I have wonderful family and friends to help me out along the way. My sisters and brother-in-law came over to help paint the nursery today, sooo thankful for them! As well, a loving, hardworking, foot/back rubbing husband makes things less stressful too. I am so grateful for these special people in my life.

30 Weeks


Laceymay17 said...

You look amazing!!

Cichy's said...

Hang in there! Good luck!