Sunday, July 8, 2012

Velma Mary Adams

My sweet Grandma Velma Adams passed away on June 29, 2012, just shy of her 80th birthday. She held on as long as she could, but ultimately lost her fight with cancer. She was such a strong lady, living longer than the doctors predicted.

Grandmas funeral was July 7, 2012 in Raymond, AB Canada. I couldn't attend, which has been difficult to deal with, because I am on bed rest. I know that my grandma understood, since I was able to tell her before she passed away, but it is still hard. I am just so grateful that my sisters and I had the opportunity to go and visit her the beginning of June when she was still alert and able to communicate, and other than not looking like her normal self, still the grandma that I always knew. She was already in the hospital at that time, but while I was there we were able to bring her home for a couple of hours a day. I got to sit and visit with her, ask her questions about her life (we were filling out a biography book), feed her, cut/wash her hair, hold her hand, show her my babies ultrasound pictures, laugh with her, and give her lots of hugs and kisses. It was a weekend so worth the drive, and one I'll never forget.

My grandma was a beautiful and loving lady. She was very talented and hardworking. I am so grateful for her and my grandpa for raising such an amazing son who I call dad.
Although I still struggle with feelings of guilt for not being able to attend her funeral, I am overwhelmed by the peace and comfort that surrounds me. I know that it is due to my knowledge of the plan of salvation, and faith in eternal families. Also, knowing that my grandparents are now together again makes my heart happy.

Grandma I know that I will see you again. I miss you! I love you forever and for always. Until we meet again...

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CASSIE said...

I am so sorry for emptiness that you feel over your grandmas passing... She sounded like a very classy and beautiful woman. You were very lucky to have her! I bet your relationship was very close and very sweet. The plan of salvation is a wonderful gift! To think that she may be watching over your babies right now just before they're born is a precious gift. {Hugs}